Valve's VR headset will ship in June, specs and pre-orders coming next month

Valve's VR headset will ship in June, specs and pre-orders coming next month

A photo from the now-removed Steam page for the Valve Index.

Update: Valve has confirmed to PC Gamer that, while incomplete, the technical information on the unfinished Valve Index pages is accurate. 

The June 15 ship date, however, isn't set in stone, as Valve is "still finalizing the targeted day in June to begin shipping units to customers." Right now, the company is targeting May 1 for the "full announcement" (which I assume will include all the specs) and the beginning of the pre-order period, though that could also change. 

Finally, the Valve Index Controllers are indeed the 'knuckles' controllers under a new name, and they'll be available at the same time as the Valve Index.

Original story: An unfinished Steam page for the Valve Index has appeared, and it says the Valve-produced VR headsets will ship in June. (The page has since been removed, but you can catch a screengrab here.)

The Valve Index has been rumored for a while, but we only got confirmation that Valve will be shipping its own VR headset last week. That teaser suggested that pre-ordering will begin in May. (And regarding today's date, Valve confirmed to PC Gamer last week that the Index is real, and said we'd have more news soon.)

The Index store page doesn't add much more detail about the headset—there's no word on resolution, FOV, etc—and parts of it contain placeholder text: "Displays. Optics. Audio. Ergo.Experience the infinite virtual worlds of Valve Index. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."

There is a list of what's included in the package, though:

  •  Headset 
  •  Integrated Headphones 
  •  Tether with DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 Connections 
  •  Power Adapter 
  •  Regionalized Power Adapter Plug(s) 
  •  2 Face Gaskets (narrow and wide) 

Absent from that list are the SteamVR base stations (the tracking devices you mount over your playspace, which currently come with the HTC Vive). They can be purchased separately, and also have an unfinished Steam page (which was also removed).

The Index doesn't come with controllers, either, which have yet another removed Steam listing. They're called Index Controllers on Steam, and are likely a version of the 'knuckles' controllers Valve's been working on.

With these pages going live on Steam, an announcement may be imminent, hopefully with specs that give us a sense of how Valve's own hardware will be different from the HTC Vive and the newer Vive Pro, currently the main SteamVR headsets.

Here's a grab of the now-removed Valve Index Controllers page:

Valve's VR headset will ship in June, specs and pre-orders coming next month