Destiny 2's New Limited-Time Event, The Revelry, Coming Soon

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Destiny 2's New Limited-Time Event, The Revelry, Coming Soon

Destiny 2 is getting a new seasonal event--The Revelry, a three-week celebration of Spring. Like the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost and holiday-themed Dawning, the Revelry will last three weeks, kicking off on April 16 and continuing until May 6. The event will add content and a new Exotic weapon to the game; check out all the new details in the trailer below.

The Revelry grants access to a new version of Mercury's Infinite Forest, called the Verdant Forest. Like Festival of the Lost's Haunted Forest, it adds objective-based fights that you need to clear in order to face off against an onslaught of bosses. Although Verdant Forest can be tackled alone, Bungie advises to fight "with a team."

During the event, you'll also be given a Reveler's Tonic. The tonic can be filled with Reveler's Essence by killing the Verdant Forest's bosses or clearing certain side quests. Once filled, the tonic can be used to reduce the cooldown on grenades, melee attacks, or class abilities. The potency of the tonic can be increased as well, by equipping pieces of The Revelry's new Inaugural Revelry or Vernal Growth armor sets. The effects of these armor pieces and the your tonic will apply in all game modes except for Private Matches during the entirety of The Revelry event.

You will also be able to exchange the Reveler's Essence you collect for limited-time rewards, "including world drops, Enhancement Cores, and ornaments for the Inaugural Revelry helmet." The latter will grow in size by equipping more pieces of the Inaugural Revelry or Vernal Growth armor sets. Essence can also be exchanged for a new Exotic kinetic fusion rifle called Arbalest. Bungie describes the firearm as "the first weapon of its kind," and "does extra damage against enemy shields."

Destiny 2's New Limited-Time Event, The Revelry, Coming Soon

During The Revelry, drop rates for Bright Engrams will be doubled, and players at max level will earn one every time they level up. Limited-time Revelry Engrams will be available as well, the images of which are posted above.

Destiny 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game's latest patch sees the return of the quest that allows you to unlock the Exotic arc machine gun Thunderlord, in case you missed out during the Festival of the Lost.

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