Destiny 2 Arbalest How-To Guide: Get The Revelry's Exotic Gun Fast

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Destiny 2 Arbalest How-To Guide: Get The Revelry's Exotic Gun Fast

The new Kinetic linear fusion rifle Arbalest is the latest Exotic to pop up in Destiny 2. It's the last of the new Exotics that's part of the Season of the Drifter and comes as part of the new Revelry event. You can earn it by completing Triumphs tied to the Revelry and its new activity, the Verdant Forest. Like the other Exotics that come from lengthy quests, it requires a fair bit of grinding to get to the reward.

While you'll need to spend some time blasting through the Verdant Forest and working on other activities to get your Arbalest, that doesn't mean it has to take you until the end of the Revelry on May 7 to get it. There are 10 Triumphs to earn in the Revelry, but you only need seven of them to unlock your Arbalest. With the right approach, you can knock out the Triumphs relatively quickly, provided you know what you're doing.

Here's how you can knock out the Revelry Triumphs most quickly, and grab your Arbalest with the least pain and grinding.

Destiny 2 Arbalest How-To Guide: Get The Revelry's Exotic Gun Fast

Visit Eva Levante

Your quest for Arbalest starts when you visit Eva Levante at the Tower. She'll give you the Reveler's Tonic, which gives you special perks when you spend a new item called Reveler's Essence that drops in various activities. She'll also send you to fight through the Verdant Forest, a new version of the Infinite Forest.

Start by completing your first run in the Verdant Forest--it doesn't matter how well you do, but clearing all five bosses at the end can get you some of the Revelry armor set, which you want--then head back to Eva. Once you do, she'll offer you weekly and daily bounties. You'll need them to get your Arbalest as quickly as possible.

Clear Some Strikes

You'll be doing a bunch of Verdant Forest runs, but first you might want to complete Eva's weekly bounties, because they drop Inaugural Revelry armor. Wearing pieces of that armor set (and the Vernal Growth set you can get from Eververse) increases the effectiveness of your Reveler's Tonic perks. Once you get four of them, bosses you kill in the Verdant Forest will start to count toward your Budding Fashion Triumph, so getting the armor earlier is better.

While you're running Strikes, activate the grenade or melee perks with your Reveler's Tonic. That'll make your grenade or melee abilities recharge super quickly--like once every two or three seconds. As you're running Strikes, use your abilities constantly; kills with grenades will count toward your Fireworks Triumph, and melee kills count toward the Melee Mayhem Triumph. You'll need to finish five Strikes to complete the bounty, and that should be plenty to get you the kills you need for one or both of the Triumphs as well.

When you're not getting grenade kills, focus on precision kills. They have a chance of generating extra Super orbs thanks to the Revelric Light perk from the Revelry, and count toward another weekly bounty. Use those orbs to rack up as many Super kills as you can in every activity you do, since they all count toward the Super Celebratory Triumph.

Get Competitive

The same thinking about Strikes applies to Crucible or Gambit matches. You'll probably want to go with Gambit, as it'll give you more opportunities to generate Orbs of Light, snag grenade and melee kills, and get Super kills. You'll need to complete five matches to clear the weekly bounty and unlock another piece of Revelry gear. Snag enough precision kills between Strikes and Competitive matches and you'll finish another weekly bounty to gain a third piece of Inaugural Revelry armor.

Destiny 2 Arbalest How-To Guide: Get The Revelry's Exotic Gun Fast

Wear Your Revelry Armor To The Verdant Forest

Now you're ready for some Verdant Forest runs. Wear any Inaugural Revelry armor you've got, including the Vernal Growth armor from Eververse--both sets together seem to count toward the Budding Fashion Triumph. Your goal in the Verdant Forest is to clear as many branches as you can before the timer runs out, because more branches means more time for the boss fight at the end. You'll face five bosses in the final encounter, and if you can defeat all of them, you'll get a Powerful drop that often includes more Revelry armor.

As you fight through the Verdant Forest, try to get as far as you can (use our guide to help), but focus on precision kills and Supers to generate as many Orbs of Light as possible. The goal is to clear out the Verdant Light Events Triumph, which requires you to earn 200 orbs in the Verdant Forest or in Black Armory forges. You'll also get through the Spring Cleaning Triumph, which needs 50 cleared branches to unlock, but that should be doable in two or three runs with a decent team.

When you get to the boss fight section, killing three bosses in one go will get you the Spring Hunt Triumph; killing 20 bosses with four pieces of Revelry armor on unlocks the Budding Fashion Triumph.

After that, it's just grinding: get Super kills to finish off the Super Celebratory Triumph; grenade kills and melee kills in Strikes and Competitive matches for the Fireworks Triumph and Melee Mayhem Triumph; and 50 branches for the Verdant Light Events Triumph. In total, with five Strikes, five Competitive matches, and anywhere between four and eight or so Verdant Forest runs, Arbalest should be yours.

Arbalest is a pretty sick weapon if you use it right. It's a lot like the Queenbreaker linear fusion rifle, but it's a kinetic weapon, rather than a power weapon. It does a ton of damage when you hit enemies in the head, and it does bonus damage when you use it to break shields. The only drawback is that it doesn't carry much ammo, so make sure you use it wisely.

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