Anthem patch notes: Change gear and check loot wherever, new Sunken Cell Stronghold, and more

Anthem patch notes: Change gear and check loot wherever, new Sunken Cell Stronghold, and more

The latest Anthem patch notes are here, and Anthem update 1.1.0 has changes aplenty on top of a new stronghold. Active freelancers will be tempted to dive straight into the Sunken Cell stronghold, but you may want to take a few moments just to appreciate the one improvement that Anthem players of all kinds have been waiting for since launch: the ability to change your equipment whenever and wherever. We've pulled out more details on this springtime miracle and other changes below, or you can check EA's official site for the full notes.

Open the Forge and swap gear whenever

Was it a stylistic choice that Anthem, a game about shooting and looting, would not let you see or use any of that loot until you stopped shooting? I don't know and I don't care to speculate because it's gone now. You can now access the Forge during missions, Strongholds, and Freeplay, all without ever having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay. This means you can immediately check out all the gear you're collecting and even equip it to your Javelin if you like. BioWare keeps piling on the modern conveniences by allowing you to pick contracts at the start of expedition screen, then launch a new mission right from the end of expedition screen.

Anthem gets its first post-launch Stronghold

The Sunken Cell stronghold is now live – enter the stronghold with your fellow Freelancers to put an end to the Dominion’s deadly plans.Read the full patch notes here: 23, 2019

Since launch, high-level players have sought out tougher challenges and better loot in Anthem's three strongholds. Now they have one more to tackle: the Sunken Cell. It's a mix of subterranean and aquatic environments, with the usual assortment of combat encounters and environmental puzzles. I hope you aren't thalassophobic!

Big Masterwork buffs for all kinds of gear

Masterworks are meant to be the best gear in Anthem, and now they should feel more like it. Seven weapons and nine Javelin abilities have been improved; the biggest buffs include a bonus damage increase from 65% to 235% for the Death From Above marksman rifle (activated by attacking weak points while hovering) and a doubled damage bonus for the Retaliation of Garretus machine pistol (activated at low suit health). Anthem had some issues making high-level gear feel properly rewarding, so hopefully this helps with that.

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