Save a massive $1150 on our favorite gaming TV, the LG E8 55" 4K OLED

Save a massive $1150 on our favorite gaming TV, the LG E8 55" 4K OLED


If you’re looking to spend some decent money on a new TV, and love a bargain, then we have one for you. Yes, Newegg Flash is selling the 55” LG E8 OLED 4K TV for a whopping $1147 dollars less than the asking price (frankly, oh my). It’ll cost you $1349 for the next two days instead of $2496, so don’t hang around. As another incentive, that’s the cheapest it’s ever been. By quite a long way (about $700, to be precise). 

Because it’s the number 1 product in our guide to the best gaming TVs, we’d highly recommend making the most of this mad bargain while it lasts. With peerless performance and a beautiful design to match, the LG E8 really is something special. Its OLED screen offers superb shades of black and a much better HDR picture than previous models due to its new Alpha 9 processor, while a responsive input lag of 21.4 ms is equally welcome. Its ultra-thin nature also means it’ll look damn fine hung on your wall. It’s an expensive TV for sure, but we’d say the results make it a worthwhile investment nonetheless.

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