Sekiro Guide Roundup: Beginner's Tips, Ogre Strategy, Dragonrot Cure, And More

Sekiro Guide Roundup: Beginner's Tips, Ogre Strategy, Dragonrot Cure, And More

Sekiro is just a punishingly hard game sometimes.

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Sekiro Guide Roundup: Beginner's Tips, Ogre Strategy, Dragonrot Cure, And More

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, From Software takes a step away from the stamina-focused action RPG gameplay it popularized with Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy, and Bloodborne. If you think your experience with the Soulsborne games is going to make your journey in Sekiro an easy one, think again.

There are plenty of similar themes to be sure. Even though Sekiro takes place in a more realistic setting in comparison to the likes of Lodran or Yharnam, Ashina is still a society on the edge of complete collapse and home to a host of nightmarish monsters and god-like figures. The playable protagonist, Wolf, is also a stoic, undying figure, whose ability to return from the dead is the only reason he's able to overcome the powerful enemies he encounters.

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The similarities pretty much end there, though. Combat in Sekiro is focused on posture instead of stamina, for example, so now deflecting enemy strikes is the ideal path to success. New attacks are unlocked via experience as opposed to weapons found as well. There are plenty of other differences--you can even swim in Sekiro. From Software has crafted a completely different game, and it can all be a little overwhelming to get a grasp on it all. Especially since, without any co-op multiplayer, you'll have to take on most of the game alone.

If you're struggling in your journey across Ashina and need a little help, read through our collection of guides. We've got most of the early game covered, from the prosthetic upgrades you want to find first to the cure for Dragonrot. We'll update this hub of information with additional guides as we create them, so be sure to check back on GameSpot whenever you run into a seemingly insurmountable hurdle in Sekiro.

In our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review-in-progress, Tamoor Hussain gave the game a 9/10, complementing the game's "exhilarating combat," intricate environments that "reward exploration," and satisfying stealth mechanics "that encourage you to observe and strategize."

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