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The Division 2 in-game posters hint at return to New York City

We know the names and locations of the first two—DC: Outskirts Expeditions and Pentagon: The Last Castle respectively—but the third remains a mystery.Thanks to multiple posters throughout the game, players reckon the third episode will involve a return to New York City, the location of the original game.

Football Manager 2020 beta is live now, here's how to get in and start playing


(Image credit: Sega)

The Football Manager 2020 beta is live, and if you start playing now you can keep going with the same save all the way up through the game's full launch on November 19.The Football Manager 2020 beta was initially planned to arrive by November 5, but the developers say the game's new long-term play features pushed them to give beta players an extra weekend.

Shovel Knight: Showdown and King of Cards are out today

Shovel Knight

(Image credit: Yacht Club Games)

Yacht Club Games has released two new games in the Shovel Knight series.The first is a local multiplayer titled Shovel Knight: Showdown and the second is a deck-building card-collecting prequel called Shovel Knight: King of Cards.